Advertiser Solutions

BuzzCreators provides advertisers with a lucrative opportunity to offer their deals on the BuzzCreators publishers’ forum which hosts hundreds of publishers. Based on an approval policy for publishers, we ensure that all publishers entering our pool are talented, experienced and can deliver. Here is your chance to increas your ROI manifold. As you will be charged only for results, save up on useless advertising expenses and pay for performance only!. Simply submit your offers at BuzzCreatorss, and we will mobilize our publishers to promote them. Very soon you will enjoy the following benefits:
Choose from a vast, selected publisher base
BuzzCreators is selective in publisher acceptance. We have hundreds of publishers in our network including some of the top industry affiliates.
Increased quality traffic and high value leads
Your campaign efforts will derive maximum results by our publishers driving more traffic and leads to you. This will help you maximize ROI.
Pay only for performance
We do not charge based on impressions, sends or even clicks. You wi’ll only pay us when our publishers send conversions to your site.
Ethical marketing practices
We believe in ethical marketing and hence do not practice, allow or permit any black sheep publisher or practices including spamming, trademark infringement, false advertising, cookie cutting, forced clicks, adware, spamdexing and the like. This ensures that the marketing techniques practiced by our publishers for your campaigns are ethical and non deceptive.
Dedicated account management
Real time tracking facility and statistics
BuzzCreators provides the tools required for advertisers to manage, track and monitor their sales and publishers effectively and with ease in real time.
Round the clock quality customer service
We are there to help you, support you, and answer your queries 24 hours a day, throughout the year

Our services are easy, and the stats provided are user friendly. No installations required, no registration fee, no hidden costs - we make it simple and productive.         

BuzzCreators hosts all sorts of publisher types including:

  • Email marketing affiliates
  • PPC affiliates
  • SEM affiliates
  • SEO affiliates
  • Paid search affiliates
  • Website affiliates
BuzzCreator’s CPA network services are ideal for all sorts of advertisers including direct marketers, ecommerce and shopping website owners. We provide all advertisers with a turnkey system for delivering online advertising messages effectively, and we charge based on predefined metrics. This is by far, the hottest advertising method online. As BuzzCreator’s Advertiser, you will have complete knowledge of publisher stats and full control over publisher management. By joining BuzzCreator’s CPA network, you can make your place in the crowded online marketplace  and realize full potentials of your business.
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